1. causing or feeling slight pain or physical discomfort.

2. causing or feeling unease or awkwardness.

Bringing up the discussion of certain things causes people to be uncomfortable.  You know, things like hungry people in their hometown.  Things like abortion.  And things like millions of orphaned children around the world.  It makes us uneasy…maybe even hurt a little or a little sick to our stomach.  

And it should.  It’s heart wrenching if you think about it.  And so we look away, cruise right past it, and carry on.  The social media of today is a telling example.  A penguin riding a skateboard gets four million hits.  A post on the plight of AIDS orphans in Africa gets two.  Because people don’t like to be uncomfortable.

But our lives weren’t meant to be comfortable.  They were meant to be full of life, but life is hard sometimes.  Jesus said it in John 16:33, “Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows.”  Life isn’t all sunshine and skateboarding penguins.  But here’s the deal.  You want joy.  Real joy?  It’s not in the 30 seconds of laughter on Youtube.  It’s in diving headfirst into the things that make us uncomfortable.  The rest of John 16:33 says, “But take heart, because I have overcome the world.”  So, us being uncomfortable is temporary.  And it matters.  It matters in an eternal way, and it matters in a here-and-now way.

So, yes, laugh at the penguin.  But let your heart break now and then too.  And let that broken heart stir you to action.  And I promise you, you’ll find joy you never knew existed.

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